Press Release for Art News Review

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                          For Information:

                                                                                                            Stephen Sheffield





Boston, MA, March 6, 2007 — Stephen Sheffield, photographer and fine artist, was featured in a recent exhibition at the Judi Rotenberg Gallery in Boston, MA, the gallery that represents him in Boston. The show, titled “Coming Loose,” featured three national photographers.  It was very well received and has been reviewed in the March Issue of ARTnews magazine.


Joanne Silver of ARTnews writes, “Sheffield’s sepia-toned pictures of a deserted jail had a commanding presence, thanks to their giant size and the exquisite detail revealing every chip of paint and rust.   In three images the artist inserted himself as a shadowy figure moving through the gloomy setting…Charles Street Jail #1 was triumphant, both beckoning and repulsive to see and imaging.”


In this body of work, Sheffield transports his memorable character, a lone man in business clothes, to the old Charles Street Jail in Boston.  Excavating the abandoned spaces with his antique large-format camera, Sheffield navigates an eerie path through this forgotten historic site.  Mirroring the peeling paint, sagging stairs, and now useless cells, the photographs have variation of tone, viscosity and texture achieved through bleaching, toning and mixed media.  The sheer size of each work, 4ft by 6ft, challenges the viewer to step into the space, feel what the figure is experiencing in this haunted world.


Sheffield is an alumnus of Cornell University (BFA) and the California College of Arts and Crafts (MFA) and runs the Advanced Black and White Portfolio program at the New England School of Photography.



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