Partners in Surrealism

Man Ray and Lee Miller!

click link for details of the amazing exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum.


From 1929 to 1932, Man Ray and Lee Miller — two giants of the European Surrealism movement — lived together in Paris, first as teacher and student, and later as lovers. Their mercurial relationship resulted in some of the most powerful work of each artist‘s career, and helped shape the course of modern art and photography. Combining rare vintage photographs, paintings, sculpture and drawings, this exhibition tells the story of the artists’ brief but intense association and reveals the nature of their creative partnership.

A gallery of some of my favorite Man Ray images and objects, and of some of my favorite Lee Miller images and images of Lee Miller.

She appeared in front of the camera just when photographers as well as their models were beginning to attain celebrity. Arriving in Paris in 1929, Miller made a rendezvous not only with Man Ray but with her artistic destiny. She quickly moved behind the camera, in a milieu where the photographer was gaining acceptance as an artist rather than a purveyor of ersatz substituting for “real” art. In their studios, Miller and Ray worked with barely mobile devices recording images on sheet film or glass plates. When they went out to photograph in the streets of Paris, they used the simple folding cameras of the day.   Click for the complete article on Lee Miller from Columbia Magazine

A Link to The Man Ray Trust

~ by Stephen Sheffield on October 9, 2011.

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