ANATOMY OF A CORPORATE ART PROJECT, start to finish: a commission for KPMG, Boston.

KPMG commission at ceremony

KPMG commission at ceremony, unveiled

A document of the full piece in all its glory is at the end of this post.

It all started with the pitch.

With Boston Art as my representative, the executives at KPMG were pitched a number of artists and chose my work to represent the 100 year history of their company in the context of the history of Boston.

Here are the two pieces that clinched the deal.

Self Portrait As A Man

Self Portrait As A Man, toned silver gelatin and mixed media, 9ft x 20ft

Harvard Crimson

Charles Hotel assemblage commissioned by Korn Design.

commission wall sketch with imagery plugged in

Then came researching and collecting imagery as well as a portrait of all the current and past living executives.

Here are some examples.

South Station-1905

Custom House-1915

Custom House-1915

South Station-1905
Boston Marathon - 1915

Boston Marathon - 1915

Policemans union-1919

Policemans union-1919

The KPMG OMPs (operating managing partners

The KPMG executives past and present, taken from the top of a 15 ft ladder at the Boston College Club in Boston.

Next came a series of sketches presented to KPMG.

Here is #4 and a close approximation.

Rough Sketch Number 4

Rough Sketch Number 4

Next came the printing and toning.

The mural printing took place in my storage space in the basement of my studio building, and the toning took place on any available space in the studio as well as in my darkroom.

Mural printing in the storage space.

Mural printing in the storage space.

Top of South Station

Top of South Station

bleaching and toning effects

bleaching and toning effects

Next came the collaging & mounting process.

Next came the painting, staining, more collaging and the coating process.

painting, staining, collaging, coating

painting, staining, collaging, coating

Here are some details from the 5 pieces.

Detail of South Station panel

Carlton Fisk, 1975 World Series

Finally, the unveiling ceremony on May 10, with all the executives, about 300 employess, mayor Thomas Menino, and even a bagpipe band, baritone policeman singer and ribbon cutting.

I spoke for a few minutes about the piece and the process.

Mayor Menino being presented with a print of the commission piece.

I want to thank Boston Art for giving me this opportunity, KPMG for choosing me for the project, and my assistant with this project, Matthew Murphy. I also want to thank Jocelyn Vassos for the use of some of her photographs of the KPMG employees seen in panel 3.

And here is a document of the final piece. (5 panels 42″ x 77″, toned silver gelatin and mixed media)

KPMG Commission

KPMG Commission: full image document


~ by Stephen Sheffield on May 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “ANATOMY OF A CORPORATE ART PROJECT, start to finish: a commission for KPMG, Boston.”

  1. I am so sorry to have been so out of touch steve, especially during this whole process…so many congrats to you and I love seeing the inner working of this project from start to finish. I promise to be in touch soon and hope all is well.


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stephen Sheffield, Adam marcinek. Adam marcinek said: The Process : RT @sheffieldphotog: Corporate Commission for KPMG: anatomy of the project, start to finish: […]


  3. Congrats on the commission! Beautiful work!


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