New Corporate Art Project

I am in the midst of researching for a new corporate art project for KPMG in Boston.  They are interested in filling a 30ft 2nd floor lobby wall with one of my original photographic assemblages.  Here are some of the images I have come across that I am considering using on a large scale.  I will post more as I come across them. The images hand printed by me and will be cropped and treated with traditional silver bleaching and toning processes.  Here is an example of a past project for the Union Beer Company in the red Red Hook area of Brooklyn.  It is called the History of Brooklyn, NY.

stephen sheffield

100 years of KPMG

~ by Stephen Sheffield on March 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “New Corporate Art Project”

  1. Nice stuff. If you ever run across photos of freeways being constructed through neighborhoods, save me copies. Do you know the book “Lost Boston?” (By Jane Holtz Kay). It has some great historical photos of Boston.


    • Hey andy, thanks for the comment! I’m not real smooth with the blogging yet, but its a good way to get stuff out of my brain and into a tangible format where I can have another critical look at stuff. I now have two blogs. One for just photography, and this one, which is a sort of ‘catch all’ for influences, teaching and sketches. I HAVE in fact run across some pics like you seek. I will send. I will also do a search to see what else i can find.
      cheers – shef


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