Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

I work in several different groups of pictures which act on and with each other – ranging from several abstracted manners to a form for the surreal. I have been called a preacher – but in reality, I’m more generally philosophical. I have never made an abstracted photograph without content. An educated background of Zen influences all of my photographs.

— Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 1961

Ralph Eugene Meatyard was another of my most important influences as a younger photographer.  His influence is still evident in my work to this day.  His sensitivity to light and his inventive and playful eye are an inspiration and serve as a reminder and a tool to help break me from the inevitable creative block that occurs every few years.


~ by Stephen Sheffield on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “Ralph Eugene Meatyard”

  1. Great posts. Meatyard was one very creative guy. I emulated all the greats in this book–http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Master-Photographers-Twentieth-Century/dp/1435454367

    It was one big job.


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