Watch Wassily Kandinsky Drawing

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See Kandinsky Drawing Video here. 

Travel back in time to 1926 and watch Wassily Kandinsky create and abstract composition.  Follow the link to the Open Culture article for more info.


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Photo post by @sheffieldphotog.

Source: I Use It For HEADACHE!

What Paderewski Says:

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Feb 28, 2017 from my 365 Art Project. See the progress from Jan 1 on at the link. Source: What Paderewski Says:

365 Art Project, February 4, 2017

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Tall, handsome, naked as a child. 11×14″, deconstructed Polaroid SX-70 prints and mixed media on cardboard.

January 24, 2017

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Laugh, 6×6″ mixed media on board

January 23, 2017 (4)

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Potential For Violence, series. 4 matchbooks and mixed media. 1×2″ Cyanotype,

Source: January 23, 2017 (4)

Lost Downtown – Peter Hujar’s Portraits

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This modest volume (just 15 photographs) of Peter Hujar’s portraits of his Lower East Side celebrity friends is a soft-spoken, unpretentious gem. The book was a perfect companion to my Sunday morning cup of tea. Peter’s portraits capture his group of friends in a very gentle manner. Many of the personalities are known for…

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